Hamina - the world-class small town

Seaside town Hamina

You are invited to experience the unique circular town within the Fortress, the world-class Hamina Bastioni Event Arena and the international, colorful history of Hamina! In additional to its circular streets, the Hamina is known for the garrison inside of town. The lively Hamina harbor is a gateway to the world.

You are warmly welcome to Hamina, the place to meet happy people!

See & experience Hamina

Eat & drink at Hamina's cafes and restaurants

Sit down with the locals for a cup of coffee at the Market Square and try out delicious local products. The many buffet-style venues offer an easy solution for lunch time, and when you are ready for a mouth-watering pastry, pop into a quaint cafe.

Inviting restaurants located on the circular streets will satisfy your hunger after an active day in Hamina. You can also grab dinner to go and enjoy it in one of the lovely parks or by the seaside.

Eat & drink

Engaging museums of Hamina

Hamina’s history is full of captivating events, ranging from the building of the fortress and three great fires to noble families. The museums in town offer the chance to step in and experience the history of Hamina.

A distinctive feature of Hamina is the garrison in the middle of town. Learn about the history of Reserve Officer training at the Reserve Officer School Museum. The Museum of the Old Veteran introduces you to the history of peacekeeping and crisis management operations in which Finnish Peacekeepers have taken part.


Enjoy priceless outdoor activities

Enjoy world-class nature and sport activities in Hamina! Whether it be a relaxed walk on the Fortress Trail within the town, a bike ride to explore the local countryside or a trip out to the archipelago, Hamina offers diverse opportunities for sport and nature activities.

A dip in the pool at the local Hamina Spa will surely be relaxing after your busy day.

Nature & sport

Tours around town and other bookable activities

Experience Hamina in a different way – book a guided tour with a local guide around the local historical sites and museums. Venture outside of Hamina to the quaint countryside towns. How does a ride on an alpaca sound? Take some time to encounter the Hamina area in a way that appeals to you!

Guided tours

Accommodation just the way you choose

Would you like to experience spending the night in old police headquarters or in an authentic peacekeeper’s bed? Or do you dream of the comfort of a hotel, preferably after a visit to a spa? Hamina also offers four different campgrounds for more rustic accommodations, as well as many kinds of cabins with both lake and seashore views.


Unforgettable events

World-class events year round!

Hamina is your destination of choice when seeking top-quality cultural experiences! The Hamina Bastion is an impressive and unique events venue within the historical Hamina Fortress, right in the centre of town.

All around Hamina, you will also find a variety of engaging exhibitions to enjoy.




Shop in quaint shops while enjoying the atmosphere of the historical town!

Hamina is an international town with small boutiques experienced in offering excellent service. You will certainly be inspired and make great finds!

Shop & relax

Book your holiday to Hamina

Book your holiday accommodation and activities in advance

Plan and book your exciting Hamina vacation with ease through the VisitKotkaHamina online shop. You can plan your stay and activities to suit your own timetables or reserve a ready-made package that interests you.

Welcome to Hamina – the world-class small town!


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