Hamina has a variety of suitable meeting and event places in the town centre, countryside and archipelago. Find the best suited option from the list below or contact Hamina Tourist Information so that we can recommend a suitable venue for your needs.

Pitopalvelupöytä ja valoisat ikkunat


Aholafarm is family business located in Hamina. Besides traditional farming, they also offer different kinds of activities, for example race car and off-road rides, forest hikes and horse rides. Aholafarm is a good place to celebrate family events and special occasions, to hold meetings and to host your company’s team building events.


Hamina Bastion – Central Bastion

The Central Bastion built in 1803-1811 is the largest bastion in the fortress of Hamina. Its 58 casemates, i.e. masonry vaults, were originally designed as explosion-proof storage facilities.

Today, the Central Bastion is the event arena Hamina Bastion, which is covered by the largest canopy in Europe for the summer. The terraced stands can accommodate as many as 3,000 spectators. The vaults are equipped with modern technology, complete with restaurants and showrooms.

Tykän Tuulimylly

Tykän Tuulimylly -farm

Lunch restaurant Kerho

The Garrison Club of Hamina is located in a building originally completed as the residence of the head of the Cadet School in 1863. The restaurant is located in a quiet setting close to the centre. Lunch on weekdays. The idyllic Garrison Club is an excellent venue for meetings, various types of parties, memorial services and other similar events.

Vimpa Islands

Vimpa Islands offers experiences and activities in the beautiful nature and archipelago around the year. Unforgettable meeting-, fishing-, nature- and adventure travels in Kymenlaakso, in the Hamina archipelago.

Our kitchen is specialized to cook delicious seafood and they use island’s own vegetables and root vegetable in the meals. Also gluten free food.

We offer also rental cottages in the archipelago.

Korjaamon Vintti

The stylish and modern premises at Korjaamon Vintti can be turned into a meeting room or into a training space. They are great for different parties or festivities and the amazing sauna facilities enable a relaxing way to spend your evening.

Korjaamon Vintti is located 5 km from the Town Hall, in the peaceful countryside.

Korjaamon Vintti accommodates about 30 people, but the cosy atmosphere makes it possible to meet with a smaller group of people too.

At Korjaamon Vintti you will find a screen, video projector and audio equipment. There is also a billiard room and a lounge. A complete set of tableware is available in the kitchen.

There is plenty of parking space in the yard, and if necessary, you can set up a party tent there to provide additional space.


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