Welcome to Hamina! Here you can find information about accessible services in town.


Disabled parking spaces:

Disabled parking spaces can, for example, be found next to the Market Square in the parking lot on Fredrikinkatu Street, as well as in front of the Hamina Spa (Puistokatu 1) and in the Hamina Bastion parking area (Rauhankatu 8).


Accessible accommodation:

The Superior-room at the SpaHotel Hamina is accessible. There is also an elevator at the hotel.


Accessible restaurants and cafes:

The Garrison Club of Hamina (Lounashuone Kerho) is located on Kadettikoulunkatu Street.  An elevator can be found by the entrance on Isoympyräkatu Street. The elevator allows access to the bottom floor of the building, from which another elevator leads to the restaurant upstairs. An accessible toilet is on the bottom floor. Lounashuone Kerho tel: 050 512 8089.

The Panda Sushi Restaurant is located on Fredrikinkatu Street. There is a ramp to the platform on Fredrikinkatu which leads to the main entrance of the restaurant, and the personnel are available to assist disabled customers entering the premises. There is a disabled toilet in the restaurant. Panda Sushi tel: 050 355 9670.

Raati Cafe Kaneli is in the Town Hall Square. A ramp by the entrance of the cafe leads also into the Town Hall. Raati Cafe Kaneli tel: 040 199 1298.

The Cafe and Living Room Jaspis (Kahvila-olohuone Jaspis) on Isopympyräkatu Street is disabled accessible. Jaspis tel: 040 4868 1174

Esteetön sisäänkäynti Raatihuoneelle
Accessible entrance to the Cafe Kaneli and the Town Hall building.


Accessible attractions in Hamina:

The Hamina Bastion is disabled accessible via the main entrance. Assistance can be provided when needed. For more information about access to the Bastion during events, please contact hamina.bastioni@hamina.fi or the events coordinator, tel: 040 058 7715. Disabled toilets are located at both ends of the arena as well as by the restaurant.

The Town Museum is located on Kadettikoulunkatu Street. The is disabled parking in the courtyard, which can be entered via Kirkkokatu Street. A door bell next to the entrance alerts personnel to open the door. A disabled elevator allows access to the exhibition space. A disabled toilet, also accessible via the elevator, is on the bottom floor.

The Hamina Public Library Kasper-hall is accessible. Additionally, there is a disabled toilet in the library.

Hamina Town Hall is accessible via the ramp on the Raati Cafe Kaneli side of the building. The ramp leads into a hall and to the elevator which takes you to the second floor.

The Hamina Spa is located on Puistokatu Street. An accessible elevator leads to the changing rooms, and there is a disabled toilet on the bottom floor of the building. The Hamina Spa tel: 040 1991232.

In Oolanti Park in Tervasaari, there is an accessible viewing hill overlooking the park.

Uimahalli, sisäänkäynti
Entrance to the Hamina Spa.


Other accessible places in town:

Hamina Town Customer Service Office (Asiointipalvelu Rinkeli), Puistokatu 2. Tel: 05 749 2500.

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