Hamina is a delightful world-class small town on the coast of the Eastern Gulf of Finland. It has a population of about 20 000.

Arriving by car

The distance from Helsinki to Hamina is 140 kilometers, from Kotka to Hamina 25 kilometers. The distance to the Russian border is about 40 kilometers. The drive to Hamina via the E18 motorway is well under an hour and a half from the Helsinki metropolitan area. From Lappeenranta on the Saimaa coast, it takes only about an hour. Hamina offers free parking, but remember to use your parking disc. 

In Hamina, you can rent a car from the Avis-Car Rental at the St1 filling station. 

Public transportation

The Hamina bus station is next to the library, across the street from the K-Market Kanuuna grocery store. You can arrive in Hamina by bus directly from Helsinki or by changing buses in Kotka. Buy your ticket through Matkahuolto or through the OnniBus.com website. 

The train stations nearest to Hamina are in Kouvola (50 km away) and in Kotka (25 km away). The cost of traveling by train from Kouvola to Kotka is that of a local ticket. Book your ticket from the VR online shop. 

The Kotka regional buses are called Jonne & Minne. You can buy a single use ticket from the driver with cash or you can pay for your ticket via the Waltti-app. The bus travels between Kotka and Hamina twice an hour. Some of the buses are faster, as they take the motorway to Hamina. The slower buses to Hamina take about 35 minutes. Learn more about here: timetables

By airplane

The nearest airports are the Lappeenranta (LPR) and the Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL) airports. 

By boat

The Hamina guest marina is located in Tervasaari. Read more about the Rampsinkari guest marina and its services here. To get to the Hamina archipelago, you can take the Bout. Meriset offers cruises to the archipelago from the Kotka Sapokka harbor. 


Some of the local Hamina taxi services are the following: 

  • Kymenlaakson taksi + 358 (0)100 87 227
  • Taksipalvelu Kotiranta & Lepistö Oy  + 358 (0)40-938 1100
  • Taksiparoni + 358 (0)5 460 5000
  • Liinamaa taksipalvelut + 358 (0)5 344 7300
  • Liinamaa tilausajot ja retket + 358 (0)400 633 633

By bike

The Hamina regioin is a fantastic cycling destination for shorter city rides as well as for longer, multiple day trips. There is a bicycle maintenance station, bike stands and a public toilet in the center of Hamina at the Market Square. 

Read more about cycling in Hamina here and find route recommendations.

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