Sustainability is an important part of travel and tourism

To support this, responsible practices in city organizations, local business and among travelers are of utmost importance. Everyday responsible and sustainable actions are the best catalysts for sustainable development in Hamina, the Southeast part of Finland and in the whole world.

Hamina’s strategy encompasses ecological sustainability. The town aspires to consider ecological goals in all of its activities. Hamina is aiming for carbon neutrality and has committed to reducing emissions by 80% by the year 2030 from the 2007 level. 

The town of Hamina employs approximately 700 people as well as provides summer jobs for some couple hundred youth. Hamina also offers traineeships and work-trials year-round. 

How can you further sustainability during your visit to Hamina?

Responsible action encompasses political, economic and ecological measures. We have compiled tips for sustainable tourism during your visit to Hamina. 

One environmentally conducive action is recycling. Making ecologically sustainable choices is an easy way to further sustainability. 

Take public transportation when visiting Hamina

It is convenient to travel to Hamina using public transport, as there is direct bus service from Helsinki, Kouvola and Lappeenranta. You can reach Kotka via train by way of Kouvola for the price of a local ticket. The Kotka regional bus transport will take you to the center of Hamina as well as to the beach at the Hamina Camping Pitkäthiekat, to nature trails, or to visit the neighboring town of Kotka. 

Free parking – a driver’s dream! Everything in Hamina is nearby, so if you arrive in Hamina by car, you can park in town and walk to explore the sights. You can find multiple disabled parking places on Puistokatu Street, for example. An electric car charging station can be found at the corner of the Market Square. 

Explore Hamina by bike

Discover Hamina by bike – try out different cycling routes! Rent a city bike for a spin around town. You can also rent a bike for the day from SpaHotel Hamina or Sportia

Use the ResQ-club app 

Restaurants in Hamina actively support cutting down on food waste. Download the ResQ-app, choose the food you want to enjoy for a reduced price, pay and pick up your order. It is easy. 

Choose the local option

By favoring the services of local businesses, you support the vitality of the whole region. As a result, you can get a true feel for Southeast Finland and its wonderful people. 

Try out delicacies in the Market Square, buy goods from the area’s farms and through the Reko-network, a network for supporting producers by ordering from them directly. Buy local food from Hamina’s grocery stores and pick up souvenirs from the small shops in town. 

Enjoy nature responsibly 

Please remember to adhere to outdoor etiquette to preserve the surroundings for the enjoyment of locals and visitors for years to come. In the Hamina archipelago, you can visit Ulko-Tammio, an island belonging to the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park. It is important to not litter!

Use the Rinki eco take back recycling points

Hamina has multiple Rinki take back points where you can leave your household packaging. One is across the street from the K-Supermarket Kanuuna, between the bus station and the library on Rautatienkatu Street. 

Avoid peak season when traveling

Hamina is a world-class travel destination year-round. When possible, visit outside of the busy season. This will put less stress on the surrounding environment. It will enable you to support local businesses and to enjoy the area when it is less crowded. 

Sustainable Travel Finland

VisitKotkaHamina has been involved in Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland program since 2020. Companies that have completed the program meet the criteria for sustainable  tourism set by the program and are committed to continuously developing responsibility in their operations. They are allowed to use the STF-label. In our area, more than 10 companies are participating in the program and one of them already has the STF-certification.

How will you further sustainability during your visit to Hamina?

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