The historic Town Hall of Hamina will host an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Tove
Jansson (1914-2001), the creator of the world-famous Moomin characters, emphasising the artist’s
close relationship with the sea. The core of the art exhibition is composed of dozens of works by
Tove Jansson from the collections of the artist’s family and Moomin Characters.

Key components of the “Tove Jansson and the Sea” exhibition also include two large-scale works
more than 5 metres wide, commissioned by the Town of Hamina for the 300th anniversary of
Hamina. One of the paintings depicts the history of the fortress town in hundreds of interesting
details, while the other shows the same story on the sea floor as if in a dream.

Tove Jannsson and the Sea 2022

The exhibition “Tove Jansson and the Sea” is open at the Town Hall of Hamina from 10 June to 13
August 2022. The exhibition is carried out through the co-operation of the Town of Hamina and
Moomin Characters.

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