Hamina outdoor activities

Nature and outdoor sport activities in Hamina

In Hamina, nature adventures are close by. You can explore the Fortress Trail in town by foot, cycle along the seashore, and hike or off-road bike the Portimon polut network of forest nature trails. Find information about routes and outdoor activities on OutdoorActive.

You can sup, canoe and row out to sea. To go further out, take a comfortable cruise to the archipelago by boat or liner.

The Hamina Spa invites you to relax year round, right in the center of town.

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Cross-country and downhill skiing

There are many options for cross-country skiing in Hamina. The town maintains ski trails of different lengths and levels of difficulty so there is something for everyone. Some of the ski trails are lit. The Tarmola trail (2,5-10 km) is suitable for beginners. Other easy tracks are the Kirkkojärven ranta and Saviniemen ranta trails. Some ski tracks are hilly, such as the Myllykylän trail (2,6 km) and the Taskalinmäki trail (1,5 km). The Ruissalo trail (7,5 km) will take you to a lean-to in Reitkalli.

The link below (in Finnish) will provide you with the address to the starting point for these ski trails.

You can downhill ski at the Uuperinrinteet ski slopes only 6 km outside of the center of Hamina.

Ski trails in Hamina

Swimming and sauna

The Hamina Spa is located right in the center of town. The outdoor swimming area, opened in 2021, has an outdoor pool (12,5 m long), an outdoor jacuzzi and a sauna.

You can spend a summer day at one of the inviting beaches in Hamina. Go for a swim at the seashore or by the lake – you choose! Additionally, you can enjoy a good sauna year round, as there are many private saunas to rent. Take a look at the optional services they provide as well.

Swimming & sauna in Hamina

Urban trails in Hamina

The Hamina Fortress Trail is an urban trail that traverses on the streets in the center of town as well as around the fortress. The trail is clearly marked with info boards and they also provide facts about the history of the sites along the way.

The Kirkkojärvi Nature Trail takes you around the lake area right near the center of town. It is easy to walk or bike the trail, and it passes by a bird watching tower. The Kirkkojärvi lake nature trail is 6 km long and is equipped with info boards telling you about the surroundings.

The Tarmola-Teirikallio walking path leads to the Tarmola lean-to. You can take one of three alternative routes to get there, starting from Tallinmäenkatu street in Hamina.

Explore the Fortress Trail

Hiking trails around Hamina

The Portimon Polut Trails consist of an extensive network of beautiful, varied nature paths on the northern side of Hamina. Hike up to the Siliävuori watch tower to admire the amazing view of the region! It is also worth your while to hike over to see the Rapakammari stones at the Vahjärvi lakeside – they have been shaped by the forces of nature over the years. You can find a comprehensive map of the Portimon Polut Trails here.

The Horessoot Nature Trail is a 2,8 km long path in Myllykylä, Hamina. The trail circles around a heath forest and trails along the Vehkajoki river and lake surroundings. Along the way, you can see some impressive, weathered erratic boulders.

Hike the trails in Hamina

Cycling in Hamina

In Hamina, you can rent a Kaakau-city bike via an app and pick it up at one of multiple locations around town. Cycle the  16 km long Hamina haltuun -bike trail. It is suitable for biking even on a city bike.

There are also trails for off-road and other adventurous cyclists. Try out the Ruissalo XCO-track, one of the down-hill tracks for enduro riders, or some of the more technically challenging parts of the Portimon Polut Trails.

You can pick up a Hamina-Kotka cycling map from the SpaHotel Hamina tourist info. Or download it here: Hamina bike paths.


Cycling in Hamina

Welcome cyclist

The Welcome cyclist -programme makes it easy to locate biker-friendly services along your way. Two companies in Hamina have a Welcome cyclist -badge.

Use the Bikeland-site to navigate to the Raati Cafe Kaneli for coffee and a bite to eat right in the centre of Hamina, or bike 12 km toward to Metsäkylä to Metson Tila, where you can enjoy the peace of Hamina countryside and also find accommodation.

Both Raati Cafe Kaneli and Metson Tilalta provide biker-friendly services such as safe bike storage, pumps and basic tools, a charging point, and information about routes, for example.

Welcome cyclist

Disc golf & skatepark

Hamina has three disc golf courses Give them a try!

  • Ruissalo: An 18-hole disc golf course, A2 level. Starting point address: Kiekkokuja 1, 49410 Hamina
  • Pyhältö: A 9-hole course, C1 level. Starting point address: Pyhällöntie 380, 49660 Hamina
  • Neuvoton: A 12-hole course, level B1. Starting point address: Puhakantie, 49490 Hamina

The Hamina skate park is found in Tervasaari.

Info about Hamina disc golf courses

Sea & archipelago

The sea is an unseparable part of Hamina and the life of its locals!

Rent a kayak to explore the nearby bays and deltas of the Eastern Gulf of Finland. You can take a cruise to the islands of Tammio and Ulko-Tammio. You can also book a boat and skipper to take you to an island of your choice through Bout, for example.

Experience the Hamina archipelago

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