Bike in Hamina!

Hamina and the Hamina region offer bike trails for all cyclists, including families and adventurers! Choose from a relaxed bike ride around the city or a faster-paced ride on highways or some rougher terrain such as off-road trails. The countryside roads invite gravel cyclists to enjoy longer rides and stay for a day or two. 

Here is some info on bicycling destinations and general info about biking in Hamina. 

Rent a bicycle

In Hamina, you can conveniently cycle to nearby places like Tervasaari by renting a Kaakau-city bike. The cost is 1 eur /15 min. For longer trips, you can rent a bike for the day from SpaHotel Hamina, for example. Team Sportia/Illi-Sport in the center of town rents Fat Bikes. Hamina Pitkäthiekat Camping and Recreation area rents out bicycles that are suitable for city and gravel biking. 

Hamina-Kotka cycling map 

Pick up a Hamina-Kotka cycling map from the Hamina town info or from the SpaHotel Hamina tourist info. You can also download the map here: Cycling paths in Hamina.

Route suggestions in Hamina

A route worth cycling is the Hamina Haltuun -trail. The 16 km route leads to the Pitkäthiekat Camping and Recreation area from the center of Hamina and back again via the Kirkkojärvi lake nature trail. The trail is is mostly paved and the route suitable for the whole family.

You can find more info about it here:

The Ruissalo XCO-track is a technical and challenging off-road track for adventurers, downhill cyclist and enduro entusiasts. It is 4.2km. You can download a map here.


Bike routes outside of Hamina

The Museum Road between Hamina and Virolahti is a part of the King`s Road old postal route from Bergen to St. Petersburg.  The 69km Museum Road is a very varied cycling route, with hills and potholes, and gentle and steep curves.


The Coast of Fortresses trail takes you 80km along the coast of the Gulf of Finland. It traverses from Loviisa to Hamina. Along the mostly paved trail, you get to know fortresses of different eras, which have been the scene of many battles over the centuries.

Bike routes on Strava and OutdoorActive

Check out the bike routes active Hamina cyclists have tracked on Strava. Additionally, you can find route suggestions for biking in the Hamina area on the OutdoorActive site.

Bicycle service & equipment

There is a bike maintenance station at the Hamina Market Square where you can pump up your bike tires, for example. Team Sportia Hamina /Illi-Sport also provides bike maintenance services. It is located at Puistokatu 6, right next to the Market Square. 

City bikes

Take a relaxed bike tour of Hamina. You can conveniently rent a city bike at multiple locations in town via the Kaakau-city bike app. A suitable route for cycling is, for example, the Hamina haltuun route, a 16km route suitable for the whole family. It takes you on paved roads from the center of Hamina to the Pitkäthiekat Camping and Recreation area and back again through the Kirkkojärvi lake area. 

Mountain biking

Hamina offers off-road cyclists multiple tracks and routes. You can choose between the Ruissalo XCO-track and the downhill routes for enduro enthusiasts, for example. Or take the Portimon Polku trail network’s challenging rocky areas and finer paths. For those who enjoy a more even ride, there are options for gravel road and city cycling.

Ruissalo XCO-track

Gravel and paved road cycling routes

The Hamina region has even, paved roads for cycling through the countryside, where you can also find good routes for gravel cyclists. 

Welcome cyclists!

The Welcome cyclist -programme makes it easy to locate biker-friendly services along your way. Two companies in Hamina have a Welcome cyclist -badge.

Use the Bikeland-site to navigate to the Raati Cafe Kaneli for coffee and a bite to eat right in the centre of Hamina, or bike 12 km toward to Metsäkylä to Metson Tila, where you can enjoy the peace of Hamina countryside and also find accommodation.

Both Raati Cafe Kaneli and Metson Tilalta provide biker-friendly services such as safe bike storage, pumps and basic tools, a charging point, and information about routes, for example.

Enjoy cycling in Hamina!

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