The Kirkkojärvi nature trail

A nature trail around lake Kirkkojärvi starts right adjacent to the centre of Hamina. The nature trail traverses a valuable nature reserve and other nearby areas. The seven info boards along the nature trail tell you about the nature and history of the area. You can adventure the Kirkkojärvi nature trail on foot or by bike. The trail is about 6 km long and there is a bird-watching tower at the beginning of the trail.

The Taskali nature trail

The Taskali nature trail introduces the lush grove environment of Taskalinmäki and the unique Common Alder area near the pond. Along the trail there are 22 info boards that describe the local nature, fauna and culture. It is recommended to use the marked routes and paths so as to avoid the terrain from becoming worn. The length of the trail is approx. 2.5 km.

The Heinälampi nature trail

Along the nature trail in Turkia (approx. 25 km from the centre of Hamina), there is a lean-to, campfire site and latrine. The area is also suited for winter hiking. The nature trail is 1.8 km long and provided with signposts.

The Horessoot nature trail

The Horessoot nature trail offers visitors appealing forest scenery. The starting point of the trail and a good place for parking is on a cliff right next to the Myllyhovi nursing home. The route is marked with info boards describing the history of the area.

Starting point address: Myllyhovi nursing home, Myllykyläntie 196, 49630 Hamina

The Portimo nature trail

The network of paths in Husula, Kannusjärvi and Kitula north of Hamina is the newest addition to the hiking routes of Hamina. The routes of varying lengths are marked with blue dots in the forest and with signposts at intersections. The scenery ranges from beautiful lake views to fine sand ridges, rugged pine forests and beautiful countryside. Starting places include the sports centre in Ruissalo, Vehkalinna in Husula, Vehkarinne in Kannusjärvi and Kisapirtti in Kitula. There are two lean-tos and a lookout tower along the trails.

You can find the mobile version of the Portimon polku-map here.  The Portimo trail can also be found in Outdoors Finland-portal.


The Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park

The Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park was established in 1982 and it encompasses about 100 islands and islets. The national park is renowned for its versatile range of bird species and military history. The best way to get a sense of the park is by exploring it by boat. It is good to remember that landing on many of the islands is restricted, especially during bird nesting season.

Ulko-Tammio, the main island of the national park, belongs to the archipelago of Hamina.

Remember the rules of national parks:

•     Landing and moving around is permitted except in parts subject to restrictions.
•     It is permitted to pick berries and mushrooms.
•     Angling and ice fishing are permitted.
•     Campfires and camping are only allowed at sites marked for this purpose.
•     Leaving waste in the area and damaging the natural environment are prohibited.
•     Hunting is prohibited.
•     Pets must be kept on a leash.

Natural harbours

The archipelago off Hamina and the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park contain beautiful natural harbours where boaters can moor their boat. There are several natural harbours in the island group of Majasaari-Nuokot. On Pitkä-Kotka, you can still see traces of quarrying because the island was the source of stone building material for the construction of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg in the 19th century.

Natural harbours in the region include:
–     Koivuluoto
–     Pikku-Musta
–     Suur-Pisi
–     Pitkä-Kotka
–     Majasaari-Nuokot, several natural harbours

The Majasaari-Nuokot recreation area

The island group of Majasaari-Nuokot offers excellent hiking and fishing opportunities in all seasons of the year. The area encompasses some 30 islands owned by the Town of Hamina. Majasaari is particularly recommended for long-term campers and the Nuokot islands, which form a sheltered lagoon, for shorter visits. Majasaaren Maja serves as the guidance centre for the group of islands. There are several nature trails to explore the natural environment. A regular boat service calls at the eastern shore of Majasaari, and there are mooring places for visitors on the breakwater. The Nuokot islands also have moorings on rocks and on a floating service platform.

The services include: campfire site, toilet, information point, nature trails, refuse collection point, a floating septic tank emptying facility.


The island of Kuorsalo is an ancient anchorage site and a resting place for those heading east. A hike through the mossy, old forests or along the smooth rock paths brings to mind the old days in the archipelago. The island has several interesting hiking routes that enable the visitor to study the island’s biodiversity. Points of interest include burial mounds from the Viking era, the views from the highest point of the island (Vironvuori), the old pilot station, and the cemetery. Kuorsalo is still inhabited throughout the year. It has the oldest cemetery in the Diocese of Mikkeli still in use. Boaters can go on land at the platform on the North-Eastern side of the island.


Tammio is the southernmost island in Hamina. The old fishing village of Tammio is particularly beautiful and well worth a visit – you can sense the genuine archipelago spirit here! On a clear June day, it is a true experience to walk on the beautiful, scented lilac alleys. The natural environment on the island consists of shores with smooth rocks and seaside meadows. The island is still inhabited throughout the year. Housed in an old fishing hut is a local museum devoted to life in the archipelago. Opening hours of the museum can be inquired via the following telephone number: +358 40 742 0141. Visiting boats can moor on the breakwater built to protect the fishing village of Tammio. A scheduled boat service operates from Tervasaari to Tammio in May-September.


Ulko-Tammio is the real gem of the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park. Its spectacular natural environment with the rocky shoreline and verdant groves is truly impressive. Ulko-Tammio is an ideal attraction for bird watchers. The museum guns and a cave from the Second World War, intended as a shelter for the men, reflect the military history of the region. The northwestern side of the island has a sheltered bay for visiting boats. The eastern shore features a beautiful bay suited for boats, provided with a campfire site. The services of the island include: campfire site, toilet, information point, nature trail. A scheduled boat service operates from Tervasaari to Ulko-Tammio in June and July.

Nature trails

In Hamina, you can tet information regarding the diverse natural environment on several nature trails in the town centre, in the archipelago and in the countryside. Maps are available from the Hamina Tourist and Event Service, and guide leaflets for nature trails in the archipelago are available at the islands’ information points. Just put a packed lunch in the backpack and embark on a hike!

Retkeilijän Etiketti – Act responsibly in Finnish nature

Nature trails in the archipelago

The Majasaari-Nuokot area has several marked nature trails. The nature trails start from the platform of regular boat services on each island. The platform area is provided with an information board.

Majasaari island nature trail, 2,4 km

Ulko-Nuokko island nature trail, 1,4 km

Sisä-Nuokko island nature trail, 2,5 km

Riisiö island nature trail, 2,2 km

Tammio does not have an actual nature trail, but you can walk along the old paths and lilac alleys of the fishing village.

Ulko-Tammio has a nature trail that presents the versatile wildlife and military history of the island. The trail passes through a cave built as a shelter during the Second World War. There is also a lookout tower along the trail.

Kuorsalo does not have marked nature trails. You can get to know the island by walking through the mossy forests or along the smooth rocks.

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