Experience nature in Hamina year round

In Hamina, nature is always nearby. Hamina offers excellent opportunities for those who enjoy being in the woods as well as for explorers who enjoy the seaside, in all seasons. 

You can easily access nature trails in the centre of town, the nearby countryside and by the seaside in the archipelago. 

Climb one of the bird towers to spot migratory birds – Hamina is situated along Arktika, the route for the north-bound mass migration of arctic birds. 

Hiking trails in town

The Hamina Fortress Trail meanders along the fortress ramparts in Hamina. You can walk an almost complete circle along the ramparts surrounding the Hamina centre. 

The Kirkkojärvi Nature Trail starts right in the center of town. It is a 6 km trail that traverses a valuable nature reserve. There is a bird watching tower at the beginning of the trail.

Tarmola-Teirikallio hiking trails leave from the Tallinmäenkatu Street and lead to the Teirikallio lean-to.  

Hiking trails outside of town

The Portimon Polut Nature Trail network just north of Hamina offers routes of varying lengths. Along the trail, the scenery ranges from beautiful lake views to fine sand ridges, rugged pine forests and the countryside. There are lean-tos and lookout towers on these hiking trails.

The Horessoot Nature Trail meanders through forests along the Vehkajoki river and lake. You can stop to admire magnificent weathered boulders along the way. 

Other local nature trails include the Taskalinmäki Nature Trail, the Heinälampi Nature Trail and the Riisiö Nature Trail. 

Nature trails for bikers and skiers

Hamina forest trails can also be accessed via mountain bike. There are countless tracks and routes, for example the Ruissalo XCO-trail. 

In the winter, there are multiple ski trails in the area as well as downhill ski slopes at Uuperinrinteet. 


The clean Hamina beaches right in town by the seaside and by clear water lakes draw swimmers of all ages. 

The archipelago

The unique Eastern Gulf of Finland invites you to the sea to admire the islands and islets. From Hamina, you can explore the outer archipelago and the islands belonging to the Gulf of Finland National Park by sea. 

On Ulko-Tammio, the main island of the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park, there is a nature trail that leads through a rocky tunnel. Many other islands, such as the Majasaari-Nuokko islands, offer a great setting to experience the archipelago of Hamina. 

Outdoor etiquette

Remember to adhere to outdoor etiquette as you enjoy the nature trails and the outdoors. Please make note of the following:  

  • Landing and moving around is permitted except in parts subject to restrictions.
  • It is permitted to pick berries and mushrooms.
  • Angling and ice fishing are permitted.
  • Campfires and camping are only allowed at sites marked for this purpose.
  • Leaving waste in the area and damaging the natural environment are prohibited.
  • Hunting is prohibited.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash.

Enjoy exploring nature in Hamina!


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