Hamina has manifold options for swimming and sauna year round!

Spend a lovely summer day at one of the beaches in town, at a clear lake or by the seashore. Many places in Hamina offer different and unique sauna and swimming places year round. We have compiled some ideas for you for swimming and sauna in the area – enjoy and relax!

The Hamina Spa

The Hamina Spa, right in the center of town at the corner of the Market Square, has indoor and outdoor pools for the pleasure of the whole family. 

From the outdoor jacuzzi and sauna, you can see and admire the Flag Tower and its surrounding Nordic and Baltic flags!

The newly opened outside swimming area includes the following: 

  • Outdoor pool 12.5 m long and 1.2 meters deep, temperature +24 – 27 °C in summer, 10 – 20 °C in winter
  • Outdoor jacuzzi 35°C
  • Outdoor sauna and toilet

The pool area includes:

  • Fitness pool 13 x 25 m, temperature 28 ° c, depth 1.3m-2.0m
  • Teaching pool 5.5 x 11 m, temperature 28 ° c, depth 0.6m-0.9m
  • Multipurpose pool, temperature 31 ° c, depth 1.2m -1.35m, pool lift
  • Indoor jacuzzi, temperature 31 ° c, Ø 4m
  • Cold pool, temperature 8 ° c
  • Two neck massage showers and hydromassage stations
  • There are two saunas in the women’s and men’s washrooms

For more information, contact the Hamina Spa

The Hamina Spa in the center of Hamina


Have a sauna in the center of Hamina

Hamina offers a selection of private saunas to rent. 

Enjoy a sauna in the Ravintola Kerho building from 1863 

The history of Ravintola Kerho extends back to 1863. The building has served as the residence of the head of the Imperial Cadet School as well as the Garrison Club. The sauna offers a unique ambience even for a larger group.

  • Electric sauna, steam room for about 10 persons
  • Serving of alcohol, drink cabinet and lounge

 For more information, contact Lounashuone Kerho 

 The Old Veteran Heritage Center – have a sauna like a peacekeeper!

Experience sauna in the barracks-like building of the Old Veteran United Nations Peacekeeping Museum and Heritage center on Kadettikoulunkatu street in the center of Hamina. After your sauna, cool off on the outside terrace with a drink and a meal from the dining room.

For more information, contact Wanha Veteraani 

Have a sauna by the sea

Hamina is located on the seashore, so a swim and a sauna are an unforgettable experience throughout the year! 

The Rampsinkari sauna on the seashore

You can have a sauna and take a dip in the sea year round on Hamina’s Tervasaari only a kilometer from the center of town. 

The Rampsi Kitchen & Lounge provides two saunas and a small events space with a view of the sea. You can swim in the sea year round, and as such, this is the winter swimming spot nearest to the center of Hamina. Enjoy the specialities from the kitchen afterwards!

For more information, contact Rampsi Kitchen & Lounge. 

Rampsi Kitchen & Lounge on Tervasaari


Sauna by the shore at Pitkäthiekat Camping and Recreation Area

The Pitkäthiekat Camping and Recreation Area  is located about 7km from the center of Hamina, right by the sea. You can choose from two saunas of a different size, which are only a few steps from the beach so you can very easily have a dip in the refreshing sea. Restaurant services are available at the camping area main building.  

For more information, contact Hamina Camping Pitkäthiekat.

Saunas on the seashore at Vimpasaari ja Rakinkotka Islands

VImpa Islands offers accommodation and activities both inland on Vimpasaari and on the Rakinkotka Island. A private sauna on the island or inland right by the seashore – whichever you prefer -will be a wonderful part of your whole experience. 

For more information, contact Vimpa Islands.

Rakinkotka, Vimpa Island

Rakinkotka, Vimpa Island

Sauna in the countryside and by a lake 

Choose a private sauna from a lovely countryside location – there are plenty in Hamina. How about a sauna with a relaxing massage, or listening to gentle sounds of nature? 

The Villa Jaakkola country sauna ja and jacuzzi 

Unwind at the Villa Jaakkola farm country sauna and jacuzzi in the small town of Reitkalli. The sauna, built in an old chicken coop, is  perfect for couples, families and small groups.  The events space adjacent to the sauna can be rented for family occasions and meetings (max. 15 persons)  Bring your own food or order a catered meal from Villa Jaakkola. You are welcome to use the pleasant grill area by the sauna.  

For more information, contact Villa Jaakkola.

Villa Jaakkola private sauna

Mustaniemi Camping at Lake Pyhältö 

Pyhältö is a small town in the Northern part of Hamina. Hike the Heinälampi Nature Trail or the nature trail near the camping area before your sauna! Two saunas and a swim in the lake will give you a fantastic experience.  

There is a large, comfortable room with a fireplace in the sauna building, so you can spend time there even with a larger group (max 40 people). A Hamina public beach is located next to the Mustaniemi Camping grounds. 

For more information, contact Mustaniemi Camping.

Mustaniemi Camping


Markkula Camp Centre and winter swimming by the lake

The Markkula Camp Centre is located in the center of the Portimon Polut nature trail network, about a 20 min drive from the center of Hamina. 

There is an electric sauna with two steam rooms in addition to a small, idyllic wood-burning sauna right next to the Merkjärvi Lake. In winter, you can take a dip in the ice hole.  

For more information, contact Markkulan Camp Centre.

Smoke sauna at the Koskinen farm in Kannusjärvi

The highlight of a day spent hiking the Portimon Polut nature trails is a smoke sauna at the Koskinen farm at Kannusjärvi. The sauna is heated during the summer season June-September on demand. The smoke sauna and steam room accommodate a total of 7 persons at a time. There is a grill area next to the sauna. 

For more information, contact Koskinen farm.

Smoke sauna on Koskinen farm at Kannusjärvi lake



A beach is definitely the place to be on a summer day! In Hamina, you can find a beach right near the center of town as well as by a lake. 

More information on beaches is available here.   

Rakinkotka, Vimpa Island


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