The vivid history of the fortress town and the past of the countryside, dating back to the Middle Ages, tells many stories. Book a guide for a more conventional tours of the centre of Hamina as well as tours that take you further into the countryside. There are also walking tours which present the history of Hamina with its many interesting details.

The history of the circular town is full of colourful characters and stories. Time travel to 19th century Hamina – the characters such as the pharmacist’s wife or a widow will enliven your tour with their fascinating stories!

Hamina museums also offer tours for visitors and groups.



Book a guided tour with Hamina guides

Take a closer look at Hamina

We warmly welcome you to Hamina and its surrounding countryside!

We have served as tour guides in and around Hamina for 40 years, so we have plenty of experience and interesting stories to share with you. In addition to customary tours, we can tailor a guided tour to suit your particular interests.

Dear visitor, should you choose to tour by foot or by bus, you will hear about what you see, see what you hear, and certainly experience so much more!

Would you prefer your tour in Finnish, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Swedish, German or Russian?

Reserve your guided tour conveniently via the VisitKotkaHamina webshop or directly through the Hamina Guides:

Virve Häkkinen, chairperson, tel. +358 (0)40 514 1052
Kauko Tykkyläinen, secretary, tel. +358 (0)40 568 7117


Kymen Matkat – group tours to Hamina

Explore our extensive guided tour selection. We offer you or your group day tours, themed packages and over-night trips. Should we sail to the archipelago to enjoy the refreshing sea to eat, sing and have a good time?

Enter the search word Hamina to directly access our trips to the area.

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