Hamina’s colorful history is built upon the construction of the fortress, three major, extensive fires, some noble families and the garrison in the middle of the town. The museums in Hamina present you with the opportunity to step in experience the history of Hamina.

The Town Museum tells the story of the birth of Hamina, while the Shopkeeper’s Museum allows you to engage in the life of a shopkeeper in the 1900s. The Vehkalahti Museum presents the history of noble families in the Hamina area as well as that of the boat building tradition of the area.

Learn about the history of reserve officer training at the Reserve Officer School Museum. The Museum of the Old Veteran near the garrison introduces you to the history of peacekeeping and crisis management operations.

Don’t forget to take part in a museum tour to get a deeper look at the finer details of the history of Hamina.


Town Museum

The museum building is the oldest building in Hamina built for private use. The Russian Empress Catherine II and her cousin, King Gustavus III of Sweden, negotiated in the building in 1783.

The museum houses a permanent exhibition displaying the colourful history of Hamina, plus temporary exhibitions.

Free entry on Wednesdays and for visitors under 18 years.

Shopkeeper’s Museum

In the late 19th and early 20th century, Kasarminkatu street was a busy shopping street. The museum captures the mood of a Finnish-Russian shop and shopkeeper’s home of the early 20th century. The yard houses, for example, a smithy and craftsmen’s old facilities.

The museum is open to the public during seasonal exhibitions and in summer season.

Free entry on Wednesdays and for visitors under 18.


Watch a video from the museum!


Reserve Officer School Museum

The museum presents the traditions of the Reserve Officer School and its students since the 1920s.

Open in summer June-August, year round for groups.


Vehkalahden kotiseutumuseo

Vehkalahti Museum

Yeoman, petty nobility and school history, and the experiences of women who did voluntary service during war time.


Old Veteran United Nations Peacekeeping Museum

Permanent exhibit on peacekeeping and crisis management history

The Wanha Veteraani United Nations Peacekeeping Museum is an active peacekeeping and veteran heritage center. It’s flagship feature is the constantly updated permanent exhibition. It is based on Peacekeeper Ismo Flink’s extensive collection of  crisis management history and current events regarding those crisis management operations in which Finnish Peacekeepers have been part.

Changing exhibitions

Changing exhibits highlight interesting details and present a broader picture of Finland’s national defense history.

Guided tours for groups are offered.

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