Historic sites, monuments and statues

Although it is a small town, Hamina has a fascinating history and as such, is full of interesting and captivating sights for everyone to explore!

The three beautiful churches – one of which dates back all the way to the middle ages – have their own stories to tell. Admire their architecture and lovely details as you walk a short distance from one church to another.

The history of Hamina, from the building of the Fortress, through large fires to nobility, and important negotiations to military history, can be accessed by way of the lively museums and intriguing sites around town. Explore the past by walking around the center (everything is close by). You can do that leisurely on your own with a map, stopping at a cafe or restaurant now and again to fuel up as you go, or choose a tour guide to help you really experience the past through the eyes of a local. Along the way, keep your eyes open for the many statues about town! Can you find the round Millstone Statue, the Statue of Varvara or the Monument to Fallen Officers?

Look up! You will see colorful flags flying around town, as part of the Flag World. Do you recognize the ones hoisted near the round Flag Tower building next to the Market Square? Make sure you make note of the largest Finnish flag in the world, the Monumental Finnish Flag flying highest of all. You can walk on over to sit in the park by the Monumental Finnish Flag and marvel at it from close up. At the same time, you will surely enjoy the view of the sea.

Welcome to see and experience Hamina, the world-class small town!



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